Survival Nation - Minecraft Survival Server

Over 100 cool plugins! We offer tons of amazing features like quests, our town system, magic, mob arena, classes, dungeons, dragon battles, constant new updates and much more. Our awesome survival community is full of friendly & helpful players all moderated by a responsible staff. The minecraft ip can be found below and the server is online 24 7. What are you waiting for? Connect now!

Minecraft Survival Server Ip

Class System

- You begin as a normal survival member with no special benefits. In short time your able to work your way into one of the 3 classes. Each class offers 6 levels with a variety of powers and abilities that grow as you rank up in the server. The higher your rank, the more powerful and richer you become!

No Griefing

- Griefer beware, we log everything. If someone wrongly teleports you, griefs you, spams or harasser's you, etc they will be punished. Everything is logged on the server and reviewable by our staff. Players can even right click any block with a gold sword to see who placed/destroyed something. Reporting someone is as easy as using our in game mod request system or typing a single command.


- Survival Nation has a dynamic survival economy that adjusts as the supply and demand of minecraft items change over time. We use a currency called CN. CN is used everywhere, and is one of the main structures of the server. CN controls everything.


- We have multiple multiplayer events that run daily, weekly, monthly, and even a few so big they only occur once! We also celebrate each holiday with a huge server wide event and give away tons of prizes!

Treasure Quest (Survival Dungeons)

- Treasure quest is the end all dungeon survival quest for treasure! Currently there are 3 of these minecraft dungeon games that you have to play in order to receive the ultimate prize! Each one gets harder in difficulty as you play it, they also get progressively harder from I to III!

Server Towns

- Players can start or join a town. Depending on the town rank, each town has certain minecraft server features. Towns offer protected areas and organized lots for people to build & live in. We have an amazing custom town plugin that fits our needs and has better features than towny!

Minecraft Protection Chest Locks

- Everyone is given 10 protections by default. You can use a protection to lock chests, doors, furnaces, trap doors, dispensers and more. Users can add multiplayer names to a protection to grant friends access, or password protect a chest.

Minecraft Magic

- Every survival player has access to magic spells that range from telporting you (server tp) to distant objects, healing yourself, throwing enemies into the air, walking on air, and much more! Up to 10 times a day online the server will randomly generate a random spell and give all players a hint to its location. Users can collect spells and use them almost anywhere. There are over 60 spells that can be learned. Officers automatically know the teach spell and can sell spells to other players.


- Skills allow users to rank up in certain tasks and earn bonuses when performing certain actions on the server! Currently there are 8 skills available to learn and master! Ranging from woodcutting, to herbalism, taming, and more! Each skill gives you an advantage in that category. High excavation levels give back diamonds, glowstone, cobwebs, and more from dirt.

Mining World

- Every user has access to an entire separate world from survival nation where they can freely, and openly mine! The world is large enough to support mining by hundreds of players daily online, and is completely regenerated when ore count is low.

Server Wilderness

- The wilderness is a free for all survival building zone. Anywhere that isnt within 50 blocks of a city, or protected is considered the wilderness. Any players can build in the wilderness.

Dragon Battle - The End

- Every so often a portal to the end dimension will open and online players can team up to battle the enderdragon. Players have a separate inventory in this world and must use resources they collect to craft special minecraft items and equipment to defeat the enderdragon. The ultimate prize is 20,000 EXP and a dragon egg to whoever can capture it first.

Mob Arena

- Every day during a random time a staff member will activate the Server Mob Arena. Up to 25 online players can team up in a single game. The goal is simple, survival will be rewarded. Pick between 7 classes all with unique minecraft tools and powers that effect the game in there own way.

Server Trophy Tags

- Various tags that an online player can wear at the end of there minecraft name can be collected throughout the world of Survival Nation. Some trophy tags are easy to find, other require you to complete hard objectives or be the best at something. Users can collect these tags and wear them as a symbol of there accomplishments.

Server Quests

- There are two types of quests. Normal quests, and minecraft item quests. Normal quests have a roleplay element to them, users complete objectives and are rewarded. Be warned some NPC's have malicious objectives well others are simply looking for help. Items quests are given out randomly to survival players. They require large quantity's of a single item and help stimulate and balance the economy.

Minecraft Spleef

- Users can play spleef across different town arenas. Server Spleef is a minigame where users dig out the floor from underneath there opponents. The last man standing wins this survival challenge. Spleef is controlled and operated by the officer class (estate).

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