Minecraft Potion IDs List ( Potions ID )

The different minecraft blocks, there item numbers / block ids, and info..

Minecraft Potion IDs List ( Potions ID )

A FULL LIST of all minecraft potion ids...

No Effect
373 Water Bottle
373:16 Awkward Potion
373:32 Thick Potion
373:64 Mundane Potion

Level I Potions
373:8193 Regeneration Potion (0:45)
373:8194 Swiftness Potion (3:00)
373:8195 Fire Resistance Potion (3:00)
373:8196 Poison Potion (0:45)
373:8197 Healing Potion
373:8200 Weakness Potion (1:30)
373:8201 Strength Potion (3:00)
373:8202 Slowness Potion (1:30)
373:8204 Harming Potion

Level II Potions
373:8225 Regeneration Potion II (0:22)
373:8226 Swiftness Potion II (1:30)
373:8228 Poison Potion II (0:22)
373:8229 Healing Potion II
373:8233 Strength Potion II (1:30)
373:8236 Harming Potion II

Extended Length Potions
373:8257 Regeneration Potion (2:00)
373:8258 Swiftness Potion (8:00)
373:8259 Fire Resistance Potion (8:00)
373:8260 Poison Potion (2:00)
373:8264 Weakness Potion (4:00)
373:8265 Strength Potion (8:00)
373:8266 Slowness Potion (4:00)
373:16378 Fire Resistance Splash (2:15)
373:16385 Regeneration Splash (0:33)
373:16386 Swiftness Splash (2:15)
373:16388 Poison Splash (0:33)
373:16389 Healing Splash
373:16392 Weakness Splash (1:07)
373:16393 Strength Splash (2:15)
373:16394 Slowness Splash (1:07)
373:16396 Harming Splash

Splash Potions
373:16418 Swiftness Splash II (1:07)
373:16420 Poison Splash II (0:16)
373:16421 Healing Splash II
373:16425 Strength Splash II (1:07)
373:16428 Harming Splash II
373:16449 Regeneration Splash (1:30)
373:16450 Swiftness Splash (6:00)
373:16451 Fire Resistance Splash (6:00)
373:16452 Poison Splash (1:30)
373:16456 Weakness Splash (3:00)
373:16457 Strength Splash (6:00)
373:16458 Slowness Splash (3:00)
373:16471 Regeneration Splash II (0:16)

Potions Guide

Water Bottles are made out of 3 glass, placed like a checkerboard shape on the bottom two rows of the table in V formation. With your bottles, right click a water source to fill them

Now, to make most potions, put your bottles into a brewing stand and place nether wart on the top. Other bases work, but netherwart opens up all potions.

Once you have your awkward potion, place whatever potion material you want on the top of the stand and let it brew (besides glowstone or redstone dust)

Once your potion is done, you have four choices: Add redstone dust (increases duration, decreases power), Add glowstone dust (increase power, decrease duration), Add gunpowder (creates splash, but weakens it), or leave it be.

If you choose to add redstone or glowstone dust, you cannot add more to it. It's only a 1 time thing. You may, however, still add gunpowder to make it a splash.

Also check out this amazing minecraft craft list. It has tons of cool features!
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Re: Potion Item IDs (For MA and Roadkill)

So for MA, splash potions of instant heal, instant harm, regen, poison, swiftness, slowness, and weakness and drinkable strength would be AWESOME for classes

Weakness, Strength = Warrior (Hit harder, get hit less hard)

Regen, Weakness = Juggernaut (Heals some dmg, makes you take less dmg)

Instant Heal, Instant Harm, Poison, Regen = Shaman (Healing and offensive harming)

Swiftness, Slowness, Fire Resist = Psycho (Make u run faster, make mobs run slower, no fire dmg)

Weakness, Slowness = Sharpshooter (So they dont take as much dmg and can hit things easier)

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Re: Potion Item IDs (For MA and Roadkill)

Awesome, these will go great for certain class's.

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Re: Potion Item IDs (For MA and Roadkill)

+1 Cool points for nyx, would love to see MA fixed

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Re: Potion Item IDs (For MA and Roadkill)

Xemos wrote:+1 Cool points for nyx, would love to see MA fixed

MA isnt broken so it cant be fixed. Its called improvements. MA wont support potion ID's until its updated to work with 1.0.

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Re: Potion Item IDs (For MA and Roadkill)

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Re: Potion Item IDs (For MA and Roadkill)

spoilers removed from main post.. also changed the title to get more action..

this guide gets decent traffic from google.. by putting the main information in spoilers its harder for that information to be indexed by the bots.. hopefully by removing the spoilers the google traffic will increase..

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This guide is very well organized and written. I like your use of both the bold tags for each list of potions and the spoiler for the infographic of the potion tree. The only suggestion I really have would be to make sure the potions are in the correct list.

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Re: Minecraft Potion IDs List ( Potions ID )

sweet thanks, and yeah... ui dont know why some of those potions are there... o.o

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