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Hey guys, there have been a few updates and recent changes for the survival server which are detailed below.

Nether + End - Both the nether and end have been made permanent worlds that are linked to map a. Claims have been enabled in both. This change was for several reasons but mainly it was to allow players to freely build in these worlds, weather it be mob farms or homes. Over time this change will also add value to the blocks and items exclusive to these environments.

Vaults - Vital+ donators now have access to 1 private vault by default. A player vault is essentially like an extra enderchest but a little bit cooler. All vaults are the size of a double chest. Vault can be accessed using the command /pv. In the future players will be able to store money, exp, and customize their vaults as well as purchase additional vaults.

Anti cheat - I've made some experimental changes to hopefully improve the checks made by our anti cheat, specifically flight and...
Hey guys, it's time for Map A's first official update! Aside from all the bug crushing that has been going on, and all the small changes and updates I have a few big additions to talk about. Everything listed below is available now.

The End - The world border has officially been changed to 2K x 2K and will now reset on the 28th of every month instead of every Friday evening.

Trading - Players can now trade safely with each other via a GUI interface. To initiate a trade with another player type /trade <player>. They will receive a prompt in chat which they can click on to open the trading window. Once you are happy with the trade you click the red glass pane in the top left corner to accept. There is a 5 second cool down to change your mind.

Dynamic Map - That's right, the dynmap is officially back and it's already fully rendered and ready to go! Hovering over the right hand edge opens up a panel to change between a flat, 3D surface, and cave map. You can...
Hey guys, after a little bit of work Survival Map A has officially been launched! Map A has taken the place of Kings and can be accessed through the survival NPC on the hub.

If you are reading this wondering what Map A is you can catch up on it in detail by clicking here. In short Map A is a semi vanilla survival server which will eventually transition into Survival: Merchants. Map A is the first map in our new world system meaning it will never be reset or regenerated. Map A and all of your things contained within it will be a part of all future versions of survival forever, transferable between new maps at your will. Essentially the goal of the new world system is to preserve progress while continuing to provide players with fresh new terrain.

Aside from that while being semi vanilla Map A does provide some useful things to better improve your survival experience:

Land claiming - Claims allow you to...