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Hey guys, after a little bit of work Survival Map A has officially been launched! Map A has taken the place of Kings and can be accessed through the survival NPC on the hub.

If you are reading this wondering what Map A is you can catch up on it in detail by clicking here. In short Map A is a semi vanilla survival server which will eventually transition into Survival: Merchants. Map A is the first map in our new world system meaning it will never be reset or regenerated. Map A and all of your things contained within it will be a part of all future versions of survival forever, transferable between new maps at your will. Essentially the goal of the new world system is to preserve progress while continuing to provide players with fresh new terrain.

Aside from that while being semi vanilla Map A does provide some useful things to better improve your survival experience:

Land claiming - Claims allow you to...
Hey guys, cnation is officially 7 years old as of yesterday! Tradition dictates a news post be made to discuss the current status of the server and so here we are.

The last time I made a news post I expected Survival: Merchants (current working title) to be released by now, but obviously this hasn't happened. To put it simply my personal focus has shifted and I've taken a hiatus from server work over the last few months. I do not know how long this hiatus will last. What I am sure of is in order for me to continue putting time into the server I need to sort out my personal life first.

In the meantime I have an idea that I would like some community feedback on. With a new server taking it's place, kings is inactive and unplayable without the inevitable loss of progress once the reset happens. I would like to officially close kings and replace it with a mostly vanilla server running what will be called "Map A". Map A is a normal vanilla survival world generated with the latest...
Hey guys, just wanted to give you another small teaser update on the status of the new survival server. Progress is still moving forward slowly but surely. If I had to guess I would say the release is probably closer to today than it is to our anniversary. Might have to do some math on that one :p

Anyways below is a screenshot of the Gold Markets shop layout.

In the previous teaser update I showed you what a markets shop room looks like. What wasn't present in that screenshot is the shopkeeper who you will right click to open the menu above. Within the main shop menu new perks and abilities are available in the top rows for individual purchase. Each record in the bottom row opens into its own unique shop. There are currently 16 abilities and 7 unique sub shops available across 4 markets.