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Hey guys, this year I'm gonna cheat and make the anniversary news post a little early. Don't worry, that just means a longer sale and more giveaways! March 7th will mark cnations 5th anniversary. Originally our network launched as a small survival server called Creation Nation. So much has happened in these last 5 years. The server itself has gone through so many changes, thousands of players have come and gone, some amazing memories have been made, and so much more. Heres looking forward to another year. For now we have a few things planned to celebrate this years anniversary:

Starting now there will be a 50% off server store sale running until March 14th. We've adjusted Crate Key prices for survival kings (cheaper!), and also added 2 new crate key packages. Last months top donator and winner of the [TOP$] trophy tag was Geokeys75, congrats.​

Starting now up until...
Hey guys it's time to announce the recent voucher giveaway winners! Over the past 7 days we've had a total of 89 free giveaway packages claimed on our server store which equates to 89 entries into the store voucher giveaway. Here are the winners:

50$ Server store voucher

20$ Server store voucher

20$ Server store voucher

10$ Server store voucher

Winners have been contacted via private message. As a special treat I've also decided to extend the parkour and survival giveaway for another 3 days. Enjoy the freebies guys :)

For anyone curious our winners were selected using a random line picker. Every time you claimed either a parkour or survival giveaway your name was put onto a list. The more giveaways you claimed the more times...
Hey guys, January is coming to an end which means we have some giveaways to take care of and a progress update to discuss.

You are now able to claim freebies for both Survival and Parkour by going to our server store and clicking the "GIVEAWAYS" subcategory in the top right. These freebies are able to be claimed every 24 hours, and will be available until February 7th! More details can be found on the store.

We're also giving away a total of 100$ worth of server store vouchers. To participate in the voucher giveaway you must do the following. Number 1, leave a comment in this thread. Number 2, participate in the survival and parkour giveaway. Every time you claim a freebie it will count as 1 entry into the voucher giveaway. Your forum account must be at least 1 week old to participate in the voucher giveaway. Winners will be announced on February 8th.

The monthly top donator tag has been officially released and can be seen in the image below....