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Hey guys, the new course Tutorial Island is now live on the Treasure Quest Parkour server! Here is a run down of the course details:
  • 3 Magic doors
  • 2 Secret areas
  • 24 Diamond ores
  • 31 Checkpoints
  • 1/10 Difficulty
  • 50 Token payout
Please remember that this is a tutorial course, designed with the intention of teaching new players about the TQP server and its features. The course is incredibly easy to complete. Also as usual with new courses the master race mode will not be available for roughly 2 weeks.

A new trophy tag is also now available on the parkour server. Details on how to obtain the new tag can be found by completing the tutorial :D

We've also had a slight change on the hub server. The factions and creeper attack NPC's have moved far away to a new home meaning they will no longer be with us. Both servers can still be accessed from the hub with the /servername...
Hey guys, 2016 is upon us and we have some great things planned for Craft Nation this year! Lets take a look at some things coming soon:

As of this post were looking at a late January release for our brand new OP Prison based server! Heres a look at some of the new servers features:
  • Classic OP Prison gameplay
  • Classic A - Z mines and rank system
  • Over a dozen custom enchantments
  • Upgradable pickaxes & tools
  • Mining bombs
  • Expandable backpacks
  • New trophy tags
The OP Prison server is still in development and a few features are sill being considered, but a majority of the heavy lifting has already been done. A beautiful spawn has been custom built for it, as well as 26 unique A to Z mines, and 6 donator mines.

A new course named Tutorial Island will be releasing very soon. This course will serve as a tutorial to help teach new players how the parkour server works and what features it offers. Tutorial...
Hey guys, it's Christmas time already! We have our biggest sale of the year going on right now, everything in our store is 70% OFF! Since it will be awhile before the next one this sale will go on until December 28th. You can access our store at We're also giving away presents, and the chance to help design our newest trophy tag. More info below.

Daily Christmas Present
Were giving away a free present to everyone everyday up until and on December 25th! You can claim your free Christmas present daily by going to and clicking on the X-MAS GIFT category on the top right. You can find more details there.

Help Design Our New Trophy Tag
We have a new trophy tag available...