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  1. Hey guys, cnation is officially 7 years old as of yesterday! Tradition dictates a news post be made to discuss the current status of the server and so here we are.

    The last time I made a news post I expected Survival: Merchants (current working title) to be released by now, but obviously this hasn't happened. To put it simply my personal focus has shifted and I've taken a hiatus from server work over the last few months. I do not know how long this hiatus will last. What I am sure of is in order for me to continue putting time into the server I need to sort out my personal life first.

    In the meantime I have an idea that I would like some community feedback on. With a new server taking it's place, kings is inactive and unplayable without the inevitable loss of progress once the reset happens. I would like to officially close kings and replace it with a mostly vanilla server running what will be called "Map A". Map A is a normal vanilla survival world generated with the latest release of minecraft. What makes it special is the fact that it will remain a part of all future versions of survival. There will no longer be map wipes or resets.

    This means that when Survival: Merchants is released it will be updated around Map A. The new survival world with custom biomes will be called Map B. The next future map after that will be Map C, etc. The most recent map will always be the default map but players will be able to travel to and build in any of the previous maps. This also means you will be able to choose between multiple styles of worlds to build in, overcrowding will never be an issue, and anything you ever create or build on survival will exist there forever even in future versions.

    Part of the reason we had map resets previously was largely due to the fact that the economy was item based. You could trade common items and blocks to the server for currency. In new versions of survival the economy will be largely player based, the main source of newly created currency will no longer be from selling common things to the server shop. Common items and blocks will only be available to sell to and buy from other players.

    This mostly vanilla server running Map A will also include a few plugins to make life easier. Homes will be available so players have warps, and so will land claiming. A few other things may possibly be added depending on weather or not I go forward with this idea, all of course pending on your feedback.
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  2. Heliplx

    Heliplx Well-Known Member

    This sounds cool, I havn't played minecraft for a while but I would definitely be keen on something like this! I see there has been a pretty big aquatic update recently too, so count me in. Also, thanks for 7 years kyle! You've done an amazing job over them and it's only natural that your focus has shifted.
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  3. The aquatic update hasn't actually been released yet but that is the beauty of the way maps in the future could work. Say for example we release this vanilla server with a 1.12 generated Map A and then merchants with Map B that has a custom terrain. Once the aquatic update is released we could then have a map C with 1.13 generated terrain. All 3 maps would be accessible to build in and part of survival forever.

    We could even go as far as having maps with terrain from old versions. For example we could easily generate a 1.7 beta world and make it an available map. The only big issue would be limiting map and setting a standard for how often new maps can be created. The world borders would still be very large just not as big as the current main survival world. This is mostly due to limiting the amount of disk space we take up. Right now one backup of survival is 1.7GB.
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  4. Xethermic

    Xethermic Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of the vanilla server, lets get it done!
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  5. greenhero30

    greenhero30 Well-Known Member

    The vanilla map is a good idea, Just not for me. There wouldnt be a goal for me in the server. I would not be able to become the richest or the best or something like that, so I wouldnt have a reason to play. The fact that you cannot be the best is the purpose of a vanilla survival server ofcourse, so its great for people who just like to build and talk but not for me.
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  6. Xethermic

    Xethermic Well-Known Member

    You wouldn't be the richest or best anyway... i'm here.
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  7. Just wanted to reiterate some points. It won't be permanent vanilla survival, its a placeholder until merchants is released. The goal was to put something useful in kings place. The map on this server will also be a part of merchants so in a way it's possible to build some progress towards merchants before it's released. That stuff aside I can understand vanilla survival not being as appealing. Thanks for the feedback.
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  8. AwesomeGrant

    AwesomeGrant Well-Known Member

    Congrats Kyle. Seven years is a huge deal and your server has come an incredible way over such a short period of time. I hope you're able to celebrate the community that you've created and the impact you have on the many different members of your server.
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  9. japantitan

    japantitan Well-Known Member

    I'd be happy with the vanilla map A idea, would be great to play survival on CN again.
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  10. OGrady

    OGrady Helper

    Sounds like a good idea to me. The fact that it would never be reset would encourage players to create lasting projects and bases and such.
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  11. monkmasta

    monkmasta Well-Known Member

    Super excited about the idea of a 'fresh' cnation. I have been waiting for a reason to get back into gaming in general and this server hold such a dear place in my heart that I hope its the spark to get me back into it.

    That been said, you've peeked my interests....

    Are items/blocks going to then be transferable across maps? I'm all for the updating new maps as there will be always something exciting to explore and mine, but I'm curious how an economy will work across servers(or will all maps be in the same world just new chunks). If it is all connected, will there finally have a centralized town (server-run) city in Map A again? Cus I miss the original city...

    Anyway, I am a few day late but congrats on keeping the dream alive for 7 years. Still remember being whitelisted day 1 and claiming my plot. Can't tell you how much fun I had breaking the economy going against Turtle for stone for ultimate market supremacy. The Crab my be gone, but never forgot...
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  12. To answer your first question yes items and blocks will be transferable across maps. Map A may have been better named as World A. Map A, Map B, etc will be worlds within one server like how the pmz and main survival world coexisted, except these maps will be permanent and non regenerating. This also means Map A, B, etc will persist across all future versions of survival, and we will never have a map wipe again.

    I still remember that first day, you were the 4th whitelisted player and it's so amazing to see you still around. Look forward to your return :)

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