Add elytra to the ender dragons drop table

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Heliplx, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Heliplx

    Heliplx Well-Known Member

    Problem: There's a finite number of elytra on the server, so new players can no longer obtain them without buying off other players. Also, if existing players die and lose an elytra, there's no way of re-obtaining it.

    Solution: Add an elytra drop to the ender dragons drop table. It takes 4 ghast tears (among other items) to respawn the ender dragon, so it's still not easy to farm. My personal preference would be making the elytra a 1/2 drop chance to make ghast tears a bit more valuable. This would average 8 ghast tears per elytra, which take a while to collect even with looting.

    Additional idea: Could add a small chance of shulker shells dropping as they are also limited in number, although much more numerous than elytra.
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  2. I don't know about adding a whole new plugin just for this one change. I do agree that both elytras and skulker boxes need to be made more available and thats something I plan to handle in merchants right now.
  3. Heliplx

    Heliplx Well-Known Member

    It doesn't need a new plugin, just a command block and adding a json file to the world save. If you're handling it already that's all sweet then.
  4. sebastiantho

    sebastiantho Active Member

    I also agree that elytra should be made more readily available, however, 50% drop chance on ender dragon almost seems too easy.

    I feel as if it would make it less special to have.
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  5. Abstence

    Abstence Member

    I think this would be a good idea, but I do agree with seb. It would make these items less special. Maybe you could add that in, but instead the drop rate could be a lot lower, like maybe 10%? That would also really shoot up the value of ghast tears, and possibly other items, such as looting books, which make it easier to obtain these items.
  6. Braneyes

    Braneyes Active Member

    this would be a nice change. especially since Elytra's are really great

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