Bug with /preturn and repair cubes/rep

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Fluffikin, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Fluffikin

    Fluffikin Well-Known Member

    Not sure if these are bugs but I am no longer able to use /preturn, /rep and my repair cubes have deregistered/possibly aren't working.

    /rep gives me the error "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command.

    /rc info on my repair cube says "That block isn't a RepairCube" despite loading it up with 84 iron just before last logging. Same thing on my diamond repair cube. Not willing to do anything with attempting to make another cube in case it removes my ability to recover those.

    Any guidance most welcome.

    *edit* /spawn in the pmap followed by clicking the /preturn sign does still work.
  2. We recently tried to fix an issue with repaircubes and negative balances, so its likely related to that. Should have a fix up sometime today. Preturn has been removed, as it functioned as a free spawn to main world after level 1.
  3. QFrog

    QFrog Well-Known Member

    Soo then how do we get out of pmaps if we haven't set a home outside of a pmap?
  4. I suppose that's a possible situation. If you have your mark set in a pmap you would have to use an officer teleport.
  5. QFrog

    QFrog Well-Known Member

    Ok that is fair enough
  6. rupy098

    rupy098 Well-Known Member


  7. firetire

    firetire Administrator

    I just want to clarify, dont remove the repcube block, It will only be fixed if the block stays exactly where it is.
  8. Fluffikin

    Fluffikin Well-Known Member

    I suspected that may be the case with /preturn, just lucky I set my recall in main world. The sign, when clicked, at the pmap /spawn still works though so might be worth removing.

    Thanks for the heads up firetire!
  9. ZzMC_KanDoozZ

    ZzMC_KanDoozZ Well-Known Member

    I think /preturn should be returned but there should be a /preturn hut so people spawn in it or something like that!
  10. Garuuda

    Garuuda Well-Known Member

    Care to elaborate about what exactly a "/prereturn hut" is?
    The reason /preturn was removed was so that people stopped using it as a way to bypass the no /spawn after rank 2. Encouraging more work for officers.

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