Changelog 2

Discussion in 'Server Status & News' started by neokyle21, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. - Tradequests now run randomly throughout the day , and are offered to a random player
    - Fixed bug with pwarps sticking you in blocks
    - Fixed bug where players/creatures could trample crops
    - Fixed bug where enderman could pick up blocks in pmaps
    - Changed pw/mark/recall cooldown and cost. (2 minutes to set, 1 to use, 12 RSD to set)
    - Fixed issues leveling up in shaman SE
    - Fixed /stk for L1 and L2 traders
    - Fixed flight for donors consuming hunger and not working below Y 30
    - Restocked CN in hall of grand masters diamond shop
    - Fixed bad lag when teleporting or warping
    - Fixed many other small bugs
    - Spawn egg auctions are now randomly auctioned throughout the day

    Quick note about spawn eggs. A message will be broadcast 30 seconds before the auction start. If you dont get auction notifications you can see the auctions current stats by typing /auc. You can view auction commands by typing /auc ?.
  2. Garuuda

    Garuuda Well-Known Member

    Good to see you're working hard ;) Thanks for changing the pw cool downs! And can't wait for more of these egg auctions.
  3. ginie1

    ginie1 Well-Known Member

    Awesome, thanks guys (you know who you are)..
  4. rupy098

    rupy098 Well-Known Member

    Auctions :)

    Trade Quests :D
  5. Garuuda

    Garuuda Well-Known Member

    Are enderman meant to be able to pick up blocks in PMZ?

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