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  1. 1. Xraying, hacking, and exploiting is prohibited
    • Xraying is defined by us as the use of a client modifcation or resource pack which can be used to locate ores, dungeons, mob spawners, underground structures intended to be hidden, or anything you would normally be unable to see with the vanilla client.
    • Hacking is defined by us as the use of a client modification or any outside modification that grants you or other players benefits which are not available while using a vanilla client.
    • Exploiting is defined by us as taking advantage of known glitches to gain an unfair advantage over other players. This includes anything not obviously intended to be done such as trying to gain access to restricted areas, or any form of giving yourself an unfair advantage through methods not intended to be used, for example item duplication.
    • Any claims of xraying, hacking, or glitching even if only meant as a joke will be taken seriously as if they were true.
    2. Griefing is prohibited
    • Griefing is defined as deliberately causing other players grief through harassment or using aspects of the server in unintended ways. Examples include: tricking someone into or deliberately causing someone else's death in a non-pvp server/area, stealing or destroying someone else's builds, items or property.
    3. Spamming in chat is prohibited
    • Spam is defined by us as repeating the same or similar messages, random comments or words, random nonsensical words or comments, and anything in a similar vain. Some messages may fall into a gray area, in these instances it is up to the discretion of staff.
    4. Excessive profanity & harassment is prohibited
    • Anything not appropriate for chat including racial, sexual or religiously inappropriate comments is not allowed. Comments made in an effort to harass or bother a player will also not be tolerated. Impersonating another player through any means in an attempt to tarnish there reputation or get them in trouble is prohibited. Swearing and excessive use of capitalization is also prohibited.
    • To clarify in some cases we may allow light swearing but ultimately it is at the discretion of staff to determine when a player has crossed the line. See rule 6 for more.
    5. English is the only language allowed to be spoken in global chat
    • When speaking in a servers main channel the only language permitted is English. This is because a majority of our player base speaks English and other languages wouldn't be understand by a majority of people. If you would like to speak in another language use the local channel or /tell.
    6. Begging for giveaways & handouts is prohibited.
    • Asking for handouts, free ranks, items, or anything else from regular or staff members is not allowed and highly frowned upon.
    7. Be respectful towards members of staff
    • Staff members are volunteers who spend their free time helping our community and are to be treated with respect when interacting with them. Sometimes a staff members judgement may be misguided or you may disagree with them. Instead of a direct confrontation with that staff member you should instead open a player report or contact an administrator privately. A direct confrontation or attack with a staff member will not help your case.
    8. Encouraging or aiding players in breaking server rules is prohibited
    • If you aid a player in breaking the rules or encourage them to do so you can be held equally responsible.
    • If you know of someone who is knowingly breaking the rules you are responsible for reporting them.
    9. Invading or releasing information about another players privacy is prohibited
    • You may not give out another players private information such as personal details including their address, phone number, pictures of them or anything in a similar vein.
    • You are also not to seek this information form other players. If someone wants to share their private information with you that is their decision.
    10. Use of alternate accounts to evade punishments is prohibited
    • Using a different account to evade a mute or ban which you received on another account is not allowed.
    11. Do not advertise
    • Advertising is defined by us as any action which directs players away from our server or forums. This includes saying the IP of another server, talking about other servers, or discussing other gaming related websites and servers in public view.
    12. Reselling is prohibited
    • Reselling or charging for items, in game money or anything else from the server to other players for real money is prohibited. Buying or paying for in game items, money or anything else form the server from other players is prohibited. Using the server, its website, or anything else affiliated with the cnation name to sell anything for real money is prohibited.
    All rules will be enforced at the discretion of staff, anything above is punishable by a kick, mute, temp ban, or permanent ban. The rules are subject to change at any time without prior notice, please check back here occasionally for updates.
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  2. Major rewrite of current rules.
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