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  1. Hey guys, there are some new updates for survival. Some of these changes have been active for awhile now but theirs also some new stuff you may not know about. As always the changes are detailed below.

    Discord - We now officially have a discord, you can join by clicking here. A lot of players are already very active there including myself.

    Claims raise - I've raised the limit for claim blocks you can accrue through active playing. Previously it was capped at 2,000, that cap has been raised to 10,000. You will gain 100 claim blocks for every hour of active playtime. You can also still receive 100 free claim blocks from the server store once daily. In addition to this claims have now been enabled in the end and nether.

    Unlimited PMZ - The PMZ is now limitless and without any border. This will allow players to find and access every kind of biome which is particularly useful for finding certain blocks and items.

    Expanded End - The ends border has now been expanded and the world is 8,000 X 8,000 blocks. This is more than twice the size it was previously. This means new end cities and more chances to gain skulker boxes!

    Help command - A /help command has been added with basic and essential commands. This will be especially useful to any players who are new to the server. I've also included a /rules command which links to our current set of rules. I've also increased the size of the slime ring around spawn tower and disabled hostile mob spawning near it. This should allow new players a much friendlier entrance into the server. Thanks to @sebastiantho for the suggestions.

    As always suggestions, questions and feedback are welcomed.
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  2. bjorn

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    it says we arent allowed to use the /rules command
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  3. My bad, should be good.
  4. BluePuppyMiner

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    Its a small detail but the hologram at /warp end is still 4000x4000
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  5. Fixed, thanks!
  6. Braneyes

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    the discord link is expired, make a permanent one
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  7. Updated, thanks! Didn't realize they expired.
  8. Braneyes

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