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  1. Hey guys, small update on the current progress of the new survival server. My time is limited so progress has been slow but ongoing. Currently the new survival server is running on and fully supports 1.12.2. However upon release the server will support clients all the way back to version 1.8, it will still be highly recommended that players use the latest minecraft release to avoid any annoying comparability issues.

    A possible beta release may also be in the near future. A beta would allow players to test the new server before its official release to help eliminate bugs as well as provide general feedback. Debating this because progress from the beta would likely not carry over, which may cause some issues.

    Any questions or feedback is appreciated.
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  2. BluePuppyMiner

    BluePuppyMiner Well-Known Member

    Keep up the great work! Also love the beta idea!
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  3. japantitan

    japantitan Well-Known Member

    I think a beta would be potentially worth the hassle some people may present when told that progress won't carry over as like you said, it would be a great way to find any potential bugs and it would be nice to play the new version for myself too.
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  4. monkmasta

    monkmasta Well-Known Member

    Like the beta idea. I'd debugged it all night loooooooong
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    ARXROCKS Well-Known Member

    Oooh a beta testing, sounds interesting. Hope the update is worth the wait!
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  6. Braneyes

    Braneyes Active Member

    I think beta testing is a really good idea, cant wait to try out this update
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