Survival Map A Launched

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  1. Hey guys, after a little bit of work Survival Map A has officially been launched! Map A has taken the place of Kings and can be accessed through the survival NPC on the hub.

    If you are reading this wondering what Map A is you can catch up on it in detail by clicking here. In short Map A is a semi vanilla survival server which will eventually transition into Survival: Merchants. Map A is the first map in our new world system meaning it will never be reset or regenerated. Map A and all of your things contained within it will be a part of all future versions of survival forever, transferable between new maps at your will. Essentially the goal of the new world system is to preserve progress while continuing to provide players with fresh new terrain.

    Aside from that while being semi vanilla Map A does provide some useful things to better improve your survival experience:

    Land claiming - Claims allow you to protect your items and builds. A full video tutorial is available here. A full command list can also be found here.

    Regenerating worlds - Map A comes with a regenerating nether, end and mining world called the PMZ. You are free to use your own portals to access the nether and end. You can also use warps to reach each worlds main spawn point.

    Warps - You can warp to the nether, end or pmz using /warp <world>. You also have access to a personal warp called a home. Set it using /sethome. /tpa will also allow you to teleport to other players.

    Random teleport - Random teleport is a quick easy way to reach an unexplored area in the nether, pmz, or map A. Using /rtp will randomly teleport you.

    In the near future I hope to include a player trading GUI to allow players to safely trade items. I would also like to provide a basic new spawn book to provide unaware players with the above information.

    Map A also includes some changes to existing donator ranks as well as extras available in the store. These changes were made in an effort to keep things closer to vanilla while still offering our supporters something. You can view the new donator rank perks by clicking here. You can also view the new extras by clicking here. You'll also find a free package there which will give you 100 claim blocks. It is redeemable once per day.

    Lastly, if you are interested in preserving your builds from our previous maps on kings you can download them using the links below. I recommend a program like mcedit for easy world exploration and schematic exporting.

    Survival: Kings Main survival world | Survival: Kings Private maps world

    As always any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated. :)
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