Teaser Update #2

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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to give you another small teaser update on the status of the new survival server. Progress is still moving forward slowly but surely. If I had to guess I would say the release is probably closer to today than it is to our anniversary. Might have to do some math on that one :p

    Anyways below is a screenshot of the Gold Markets shop layout.

    In the previous teaser update I showed you what a markets shop room looks like. What wasn't present in that screenshot is the shopkeeper who you will right click to open the menu above. Within the main shop menu new perks and abilities are available in the top rows for individual purchase. Each record in the bottom row opens into its own unique shop. There are currently 16 abilities and 7 unique sub shops available across 4 markets.
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    Looks great!
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    Cant wait until it comes :)
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