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  1. Just a small update on trophy tags. We've switched to a new system built from the ground up internally. This is in preparation for future updates and feature additions to trophy tags. The new system also includes plenty of bug and stability fixes. All tags have been kept, you will however need to apply your previously set tag once again.

    On a side note the red treasure quest trophy tags will be retired and removed from the server soon. If you had at least one red tag previously you will receive a white [VET] tag in place of any removed red tags. The red [JT] tag will be replaced with a gold and white [VET] tag.

    Going forward only gold tags will be available from completing courses. Master race times will also be shortened on some easier courses to give certain gold tags more value and rarity. These small changes to course trophy tags are just a prelude to the updates and changes that will be coming to the TQP server in the future.
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  2. The red [TQ3] and [QOL] tag will also be replaced with the gold and white [VET] tag.
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  3. BluePuppyMiner

    BluePuppyMiner Well-Known Member

    R.I.P red tags, hello vet tags!
  4. rupy098

    rupy098 Well-Known Member

    VET tags aren't new for me, oh well.

    ARXROCKS Well-Known Member

    Then will there be a tag for beating the course?
  6. Only master race. Gold course tags have been kept.
  7. Salima05

    Salima05 New Member

    Rip red tags

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