Update: Survival Reset & Relaunch

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  1. Hey guys, back in march I made a post talking about general plans for the server as well as the future reset and relaunch of Survival: Kings. Since then the plans for survival have gone through some changes. Originally the guild and leveling system was going to remain mostly intact. However about a month ago I decided to scrap leveling altogether and give guilds an extensive overhaul. These changes have been incredibly time consuming and there is still a good deal of work to be done before the new survival server is launched. That said I feel the current road map for survival is very promising and well worth the wait and extra time and work that needs put in. Below you'll find an updated list of things confirmed for the new survival server, enjoy!

    • Guilds replaced with markets which offer various unique items, perks, and abilities for sale
    • Nearly 4 times as many items, perks and abilities available compared to guilds
    • Tradeable sellable claimable "Merchant Badges" that function like a normal item
    • New survival world with 27 custom biomes that is 4x larger than kings (15 x 15 thousand)
    • New trading, auctioning, and player shop systems all highly accessible and easily usable
    • 7 unique selectable jobs that will act as many players initial primary source of money
    • Multitude of new trophy tags which will be available on launch
    • Complete rank and donator perk overhaul with a variety of new additions

    The new survival server has taken quite a bit of work and still has quite a bit to go. My limited free time is usually spent working on getting this done so progress has been slower than I would like but things are still moving along. I appreciate all the patience and support :)
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  2. Chic

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    This sounds awesome Kyle! Thanks for all your hard work on the server.
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  3. BluePuppyMiner

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    So much new stuff... and maybe even more to come? Good job Kyle :)
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  4. Glitterized

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    Sounds pretty good Kyle, I'm liking the new changes! c:
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  5. plophead32

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    Can't wait XO
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  6. greenhero30

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    OH YEAH, LETS GO!!!!!!
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  7. rupy098

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    jesus thats an old face
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  8. monkmasta

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  9. Braneyes

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    the new survival sounds awsome cant wait for it to come out :)
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